Welcome to Third Grade!


Third grade requires more independence than has previously been expected in the lower grades. With that independence, students begin to mature. Students will be expected to make the most of their learning every day. Some of the big challenges of third grade are learning multiplication facts and becoming problem solvers, digging deeper into reading by thinking and talking about reading in more complex ways and learning about all modes of writing with an emphasis in the narrative. We want our students to feel safe in taking risks while performing more challenging tasks. We believe that if students, parents, and teachers work together to support learning it will help all students strive for success.


  • Firefighter Challenge

  • Kickball Tournament 

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7:50-8:10: BIC/Announcements

8:10-9:00: Specials

9:00-9:15: Morning Meeting

9:15-10:15: Word Study/Reading

10:15-10:30: Physical Activity

10:30-11:25: Grammar/Writing

11:25-11:55: Independent Work

11:55-12:45: Lunch/Recess

12:45-1:45: Math

1:45-2:15: Content

2:15-2:45: WIN Time

2:45-3:00: Character Ed

3:00-3:15: Pack Up/Dismissal


Mrs. Meek:
Monday: Science
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Art
Friday: Music

Mrs. Pierce:
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Science
Thursday: PE
Friday: Library